You and Your Under-Gravel Aquarium Filter

By: Paul Barry-Cox

What is an Under-Gravel Aquarium Filter?

An under-gravel filter is pretty much what the name implies, a filter beneath your aquarium gravel or substrate. It is made up of a perforated or slotted sheet of plastic, slightly raised above the base glass to allow water flow downward, through the gravel and up again through “uplift tubes”.  

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Planted Tank: Hi/Low Tech?

With the increasing popularity of planted tanks and aquascaping, a few people are asking questions about High Tech or Low Tech setups. In this post I will try to answer a few questions on the subject, without getting too technical (no pun intended)…

What is the difference? High Tech setups uses CO2 injection, an intensive fertilizing schedule and specialized high intensity lighting. Low(er) Tech setups run on standard lighting, the occasional addition of fertilizers and mostly no additional CO2

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