Eastern Cape Aquarium & Aquascaping Club

The Eastern Cape Aquarium and Aquascaping Club is a non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the hobby of fish keeping, showing and breeding, as well as Aquascaping and sustaining live aquatic plants in aquariums.

The Eastern Cape Aquarium and Aquascaping Club Mission.

The Eastern Cape Aquarium and Aquascaping Club’s mission is to bring together the expertise and experience of its members, with a purpose to share this information with others. The Club strives to safeguard the quality of life for aquarium organisms maintained in aquariums and promote an awareness of natural ecosystems in order to protect and share them with future generations.

Our Goals Include.

  • providing a forum of fellowship for the sharing of our common interest in aquariums and aquatic gardening.
  • providing support and guidance to hobbyists of all skill levels through the free exchange of information, experience, and ideas.
  • promoting knowledge of the science of keeping freshwater as well as marine fish and inverts
  • promoting the cultivation of aquatic plants for the pleasure of their scientific study; to improve understanding of growing techniques and to maintain a diversity of
  • aquatic plants available to the hobby.
  • promoting aquatic plants as elements of design in the art of aquascaping; to foster aquascaping as self expression and the pursuit of art for art’s sake.
  • representing the aquarium hobby in the Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas; to encourage public interest and involvement in the hobby.

To know Mother Nature, is to love her smallest creations

The Eastern Cape Aquarium and Aquascaping Club.

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